What I Can Offer You

Bespoke training sessions or days

Bespoke training sessions or days
Every school or setting is unique so I always tailor make any training session to yours. I will visit or telephone to discuss your requirements with you and will then send you a proposal so we are clear about our intended outcomes for the training.

Challenging, practical and engaging sessions that have positive impacts!

  • Sustained Shared Thinking
  • Behaviour Management
  • Learning Environments
  • Curriculum planning, observation and assessment
  • Effective Early Years Practice and Provision
  • Science and Discovery Areas
  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

Individual & team coaching

Bespoke training sessions or days
This is practical consultancy and is a great way to have a positive impact on provision and practice.

I work with you and your early years staff to audit, review, write and implement a plan to develop and improve whatever areas you want to work on. I always offer practical, realistic strategies and ideas and get stuck in to make it happen!

  • Improving the learning environment in a foundation stage unit
  • Outside Learning Environments
  • Continuous provision areas in nursery school, class and reception unit
  • Reviewing and updating baseline observation and assessment procedures, planning and record keeping

Leadership support for monitoring & evaluation

Bespoke training sessions or days
I can offer you advice, support and challenge from my recent relevant experience as a successful head teacher and children’s centre leader.

Spotlight on...evaluation reports are something that developed from my work as a children’s centre leader; finding an effective way of summarising and communicating the impacts of our work to parents, advisory boards and Ofsted!

  • Audit and review early years provision and practice with report
  • Observation of staff
  • Spotlight on....evaluation reports

Head Teacher external advisory role

Bespoke training sessions or days
With the role of School Improvement Partners and Local Authority Advisors changing so much you might need to find your own external advisor.
Contact me if you think I can help.