I have been inspired to begin to document some of the projects I have been involved with by the fantastic people I work with. I hope that by sharing some of my work you will see how I could work with you and your teams to get things done and make a difference.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Changing Rooms

Offering advice and support to staff in an Early Years Foundation Stage Unit on how to make the best use of the learning environment.

A four day intensive support plan that focussed on creating a stimulating learning environment was quite a challenge. The staff team, mostly long term supply staff were open and welcoming and the children were fantastic. Everyone was involved to some extent including the caretaker who said it’s just like Changing Rooms (the TV programme for those of you old enough to remember it!)

In the four day challenge I audited the provision in order to give us an action plan for priorities and then we got stuck in. Sometimes all the talking and advice in the world doesn’t have the same impact as actually doing by the end of the four days we had rearranged the reception class base to ensure children had independent access to a wider range of resources, sorted and labelled resources in the sand and water areas as well as creating more defined continuous provision areas.

The leadership team in the school could see the positive impacts on staff and children and the staff team said they were more motivated and keen to keep up the work started. The children came in each day, helped sort and wash equipment and loved their new classroom.

“Wow look at that it looks really nice!”

“I’ve got my own tray now!”

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