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Saturday, 07 July 2012

Transition to Reception

Providing opportunities for discussion, stories and play, helping children to express their feelings is one important part of supporting children through transitions.

This is an idea that I saw recently that helps children to explore and express their feelings about moving on from nursery to school. The nursery children move onto several different primary schools. The nursery staff had visited the schools with the children and whilst there the children and staff had taken photographs of the entrance, the toilets, where they would hang their coat up as well as the classroom and outdoor space. They also had photographs of the staff in each reception class along with some school uniform and book bags etc from each of the schools.

Back in nursery they had created a school role play area with the photos displayed around the area, each school had it’s own space with the uniform etc. The children enjoyed dressing up, trying on the uniform, talking about which school they were going to, pointing out the similarities and differences in the photographs being particularly vocal about the differences in the outside play areas!

It gave the children an opportunity to talk to each other and their friends about what they thought school might be about, what they were going to do, what they liked and didn’t like. Through playing with the children in the area the staff were able to listen to their thoughts, respond to their questions and reassure them where necessary.

They had also started making things to take with them to school. A coat peg label and an ‘All About Me’ collage about themselves, their family and their interests that they would take with them when they started.

Transitions are part of life and particularly for children in the early years, planning to ensure these are as smooth as possible for children and families, ensuring they are part of the process is vital ensuring it’s not something that just happens to them!

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